Wednesday, 28 September 2016

ACTA - Federation Constellation Class (USS Stargazer)

From this... to this!

I wanted to have a few Star Trek TMP/TNG era Constellation Class ships to add to my growing ACTA Federation Fleet. I had a Micro Machines version of the ship that fitted my view of the size the ship would have been, and so decided to give it a make over. I prefer the Micro Machines version to the Attack Wing version because its larger and more to the size I'm after.

After producing what I felt is a pretty good result (for me that is, as I'm no painting guru). I purchased a few more on eBay and will be painting them over the coming month(s).

Anyway, below is the process of painting that I followed. Just in case you are interested.

  • Base model on the appropriate flying base you are after. I use these for A Call To Arms Star Fleet and so base them with hexagonal flying bases.
  • Ink the model in Black Ink. This goes straight over the model. Don't base coat the model beforehand. Just ink it so the ink fills in all the depressed areas on the model.
  • Leave ink to dry.
  • Drybrush the entire model in Skull White or White Scar.
  • Paint nacelle exhaust ports in Teclis Blue.
  • Highlight the Teclis Blue on the exhaust port in Temple Guard Blue.
  • Paint Impulse Engine in Mephiston Red.
  • Highlight the Mephiston Red on the impulse exhaust in Evil Sunz Scarlet.
  • Paint windows, bridge dome and bridge view port in Teclis Blue.
  • Paint nacelle engine red stripes in Evil Sunz Scarlet.
  • Paint hanger and cargo bay doors in Codex Grey.
  • Paint highlights such as the engine nacelle intake ports also in Codex Grey. Be subtle, but creative!
  • Highlight the Codex Grey where desired with Space Wolves Grey.
  • Paint Starboard running lights above and below the saucer section in Warpstone Glow.
  • Paint Port running lights above and below the saucer section in Evil Sunz Scarlet.
  • Paint flying base in Black.
That's it! Remarkably simple and I was able to paint this beasty pretty much in a single afternoon.

Finally, some more eye candy to inspire those creative juices!

Constellation with the Constitution Class CX behind

Photo of the work in progress

More work-in-progress


and ditto again...

My plan is to use these as Federation Scout vessels during a campaign I want to run on the Cardassian / Federation War. The stats are yet to be worked up, but will be based heavily on the ACTA Star Fleet Federation CA with added Scout abilities. So for now one down, three more to go.